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BandM booking

Package eu.bandm.book2.base

This package contains all the executive code of the "BandM booking" book-keeping software.

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Package eu.bandm.book2.base Description

This package contains all the executive code of the "BandM booking" book-keeping software. It is an utmost compact implementation, suited for small to very small enterprises, and at the same time a demonstration of meta-tools coding principles. This software has been developed for our own practical needs and thus reflects the legal situation and common practice in Germany.
Consequently, the exhaustive user documentation and tutorial, which makes up an important part of the program's documentation, is in the German language.
The tool itself is potentially multi-lingual, by consequently using the metatools muli package, see the translation file base/translations.muli

This tool does (currently) NOT support entering data interactively. Instead, all data (configuration, account plan and ledger) has to be entered into XML files, using the "d2d" encoding. The formats for all these files are defined in eu_bandm_booking.dd2. This is automatically translated into eu_bandm_booking.dtd.

The first step when processing the mentioned data is parsing the input text into a tdom model.
Then the Reducer decodes the most important infos to a more structured a umod model. Its structure is defined by book/Book.umod, and also depicted by a class diagram in the user documentation.

The tool DOES support interactive visualization, and generation of a year's balance, report and carry bookings.

The program's architecture is modular, and the top-level control flow is as follows:

      Main central entrypoint and main code, calls and uses 
      |  (Options       <-- generated from  base/options.xml
      |  (Translations  <-- generated from  base/translations.muli
      |  (Book          <-- generated from  book/Book.umod
      | Reducer
      | Checker
      | Evaluate
      | Gui
      | |  AuxCellRenderer
      | |  (GeneratedGui <-- generated from  base/options.xml

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BandM booking

(Please cf. the user documentation, in German language)